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What makes Restoration Physical Therapy different than traditional PT clinics?

Located in a pastoral setting, the clinic immediately sets you at ease. In lieu of a big gym atmosphere with exercise equipment and ultrasound machines, you will receive hour-long sessions with the same physical therapist every visit.

Effective hands-on manual therapy techniques are used to treat your condition from a whole body approach.

Bowenwork: a cross fiber myofascial release technique that is gentle, yet powerfully effective for pain relief of acute or chronic conditions.  Your therapist, Mary Falk, has taken the Bowenwork advanced coursework, is a Bowenwork Associate Instructor and brings her PT background to your Bowenwork session.  

Yamuna Body Rolling: "The beauty of Yamuna Body Rolling is that it takes you from the origin of the muscle at the tendon, elongating the muscle while stimulating the bone and soft tissue.  Working with the body's own gravity, the exercises ease movement in the muscles to the point of relaxation, offering one of the finest weight-bearing exerices with the benefits of a deep self massage."    --Ms. Fitness Magazine

Yamuna Table Treatment:  This is a myofascial release session utilizing the Yamuna Ball, therapist's hands, breath, and gentle traction to create a muscular release and lengthening.  It is much more than a massage as you will see when you stand up and feel the structural changes in your body.  

Restoration PT is a fee for service practice and is no longer contracted with the insurance companies.  However, rates are affordable and you will be provided with a receipt to turn in to your insurance for reimbursement. Clients have found that symptoms resolve quickly and require less sessions so it is comparable to in-network costs in the long run.  

Visit our "Store" to purchase Yamuna Balls, books, or DVD's .  Register for classes including Introduction to Bowenwork and Yamuna Body Rolling

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